Between 2013-15 we were funded by the then English Heritage to create a strategic-level Historic Landscape Assessment and two community-led Historic Environment Action Plans (HEAPs). The HEAPs provide a summary of the key characteristics of the historic environment of the National Landscape at a landscape scale.

The Historic Environment includes all archaeological and historic aspects of the landscape including buildings, settlements, archaeological sites, and the the wider historic landscape character.


Our Historic Landscape Character Assessment and Management Guidelines were designed to mesh with the existing East Devon Landscape Character Assessment (LCA); a document used regularly in decision making for planning and development in the National Landscape.

This methodology was taken to ensure this more detailed historic environment information could feed into any future LCA revision. It was therefore pleasing to note that this subsequently happened in the 2019 revision of the East Devon Landscape Character Assessment.

Our community-level engagement with Branscombe and Woodbury helped each parish to create their own Historic Environment Action Plans (HEAPs). Our project activity spilled into Lympstone Parish who also got involved.

A HEAP is one way to gather evidence about the historic features in your landscape. Lots of people will already have information, either as their own memories of the past through old photographs, maps and documents, through family history research, or through local history research. HEAPs can provide a very useful evidence base to inform parish/neighbourhood plans.


If you’d like to learn more about the project a range of documents are available on request:

  • Historic Landscape Character Assessment and Management Guidelines 
  • HEAP methodology 
  • Branscombe Historic Environment Action Plan
  • Woodbury Historic Environment Action Plan
  • Lympstone report
  • Subjective Geographies in Woodbury Salterton
  • Community Toolkit for creating Historic Environment Action Plans in the National Landscape 
  • Mapping Historic Branscombe
  • Project report

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