The AONB team, together with and on behalf of the AONB Partnership, works in many different ways to benefit and protect the landscape, communities, wildlife and cultural heritage of our outstanding area of natural beauty.

From providing advice, practical support and sourcing funding to running events, developing projects and raising awareness, all of our work is dedicated to meeting the aims and objectives of the AONB Partnership Plan and achieving our vision for conserving and enhancing the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Our five-year strategy for conserving, enhancing and managing the landscape is detailed in the AONB Partnership Plan.

The plan identifies key issues facing the AONB, sets out long term objectives for its future and highlights the actions we need to take to conserve our landscape.


We lead, partner and support projects that focus on a wide range of themes, including landscape and heritage, environmental quality and climate, biodiversity, recreation and tourism.

Communities Project Fund

We work to secure funding for community projects.  Support from the fund is available to any individual, group or business with ideas for projects that will benefit the East Devon AONB, its users and surrounding area.

The Acland Award

Each year the AONB Partnership presents the Acland Award as a public celebration of the dedication, innovation and passion of outstanding individuals, projects and enterprises, making a difference in and around the AONB.

Resources and Publications

From strategy documents to walking routes and guides, a range of resources and AONB publications are available to view or download.

Planning Advice

AONB Partnerships/teams have no statutory role in planning. We are able to engage in the planning application process, subject to staffing and resource demands.


Throughout the AONB, volunteers help to conserve and enhance the landscape, protect our wildlife and support our communities.