The East Devon National Landscape Partnership is made up of a wide range of organisations, businesses and volunteers who are committed to working together to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the East Devon AONB.

In consultation with communities and organisations active within the AONB, the Partnership is responsible for developing and delivering a five-yearly Management Strategy on behalf of East Devon District Council and Devon County Council.

The Partnership Plan

The Partnership Plan is our five-year management strategy. It identifies key issues facing our AONB, sets out long term objectives for its future and highlights the actions needed to conserve our landscape.

Annual Review

The Annual Review outlines the work of the AONB Partnership and team over the last financial year; working with partners on environmental, community and rural economy projects across East Devon AONB.

Partnership Meetings

The Partnership holds two business meetings a year. In addition we hold a summer field event in July, held at varying AONB locations, as well as an Annual Meeting in September.

Meeting Schedule 2023
  • 15 February
    AONB Ambassadors meeting – Kennaway House
  • 19 April
    Partnership meeting – Kennaway House  
  • July (date and venue tbc)
    AONB Ambassador/Partnership field event  
  • 27 September
    Annual Public Meeting – Woodbury Park
  • 29 November
    Partnership meeting – Kennaway House

Partnership meetings are open to press and public. Opportunities are available for items tabled by the public to be part of the meeting with prior notice of 14 days (unless otherwise approved by the Chairperson). Contact us for meeting-specific details.

Minutes from previous meetings available on request.



  • To promote the AONB and the Partnership Plan to all the constituent organisations and others
  • To co-ordinate work towards a vision for the AONB via the implementation of the Partnership Plan
  • To review and monitor progress of the Plan and its objectives
  • To consider, debate and recommend courses of action on the main issues relating to the AONB.


2019-23  Alistair Handyside, CLA

Previous Chairs

2015-19 Graham Godbeer

2011-15 John Wilding (Clinton Devon Estates)

2009-11 Donald Campbell (Axe Vale and District Conservation Society)

2007-09 Mike Ellingham (National Farmers Union)

2005-07 Margaret Rogers (Devon County Council)

2003-05 Tony Reed (East Devon District Council)

Our Vision

The natural beauty of the East Devon AONB landscape, its dramatic World Heritage Site coastline, internationally important habitats and species and its cultural heritage, is conserved, managed and enhanced to support and benefit present and future generations.

AONB Partnership Members:


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