Our 2019-24 Management Plan has been renamed as the ‘Partnership Plan’ in recognition of the way it is delivered – in partnership with others. 

AONB Management Plans are required by law (CROW Act 2000) and must be produced and reviewed every five years. The East Devon AONB Partnership undertakes this duty for the East Devon AONB on behalf of Devon County and East Devon District Councils.


The Partnership Plan is our five-year management strategy.  It identifies key issues facing the AONB, sets out long term objectives for its future and highlights the actions needed to conserve our landscape.

The Delivery Plan is a strategic framework document outlining responsibilities and how partner organisations will work together to achieve the objectives of the Partnership.

Printed copies of the Plan are sent to all libraries in and around the AONB and all Parish Councils in the area as well as key partners and the Secretary of State/Defra. 

Review of the AONB Partnership Plan

A review of the AONB Partnership plan is required every 5 years (CROW Act 2000). The next review was to be completed by March 2024 but this deadline has been extended by Defra to 2025 as a result of anticipated significant changes to AONB operations and functions as a result of the Landscape Review (Glover Review).  

The review process was formally notified in 2022 and will be guided by the AONB Partnership across 2023-25. Natural England are expected to review their guidance on Management Plans for AONBs and National Parks and will be providing new guidance expected in autumn/winter 2023.

Indicative timetable (to be refined further autumn/winter 2023)


Jan-Apr 2022 Formal confirmation to undertake the review with EDDC/DCC and notification to Natural England.
Aug 2022 Defra notification of permission to delay review to 2025.
Nov 2022 AONB Partnership to confirm delay and produce statement confirming this.
Autumn – Winter 2022/23 Undertook 5yr awareness/perception surveys in towns around/across the AONB.
Across 2023 Scope scale of review and develop consultation documentation drawing on new guidance from Natural England,  new Targets and Outcomes Framework and outcome of the government response to the Glover Review.
Across 2024 Undertake stakeholder and public consultations on draft plan/documents
By Dec 2025  Final revisions and adoption of revised Plan by EDDC/DCC. Notify Defra.


Draft documents and reports will be posted here.

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