Volunteering with us, our partner organisations or any of our local conservation groups is a great way of supporting our work and helping to conserve and enhance the East Devon AONB.  

The time and skill that volunteers contribute is invaluable and has a huge impact on the results we can achieve. From practical conservation work and helping in the AONB team office to assisting at events and work experience placements, there are lots of ways you can get involved and help to make a difference. 


If you are interested in volunteering with us please get in touch and let us know your interests and availability. As a small team, our volunteering opportunities are often limited to specific projects or events, so may not always be available.

Volunteering with other groups in our network is equally as valuable in helping to conserve and enhance our special landscapes and wildlife.

Organisations you could try include:


Awareness is hugely important when promoting and supporting any venture, cause or organisation and spreading the word about the AONB is a big part of encouraging people to support us.

Helping to make people aware of the work we do and the actions or attitudes they can adopt to support our cause and values is extremely valuable and always appreciated.

Whether it’s sharing your favourite nature walks with family and friends, exploring the landscape with schools and youth groups of any kind, or encouraging sustainable action from employers  – letting people know we are here, raising awareness of our protected landscape and why we work to conserve it,  is a fantastic way to contribute to the work we do. 

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