After two years of successful local celebrations, the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards are back for a third year. The theme for 2023 centres on highlighting how people can ‘Make Do And Mend’ as a positive way to both manage in difficult financial times and contribute positively to the future of the Sid Valley.

Launched earlier this month by the Vision Group for Sidmouth, the VGS chair Ian Gregory says, “the Champions Awards are all about recognising the amazing people, organisations and businesses who are making a real difference to the Sid Valley.

This year, they are specifically about inspiring us to save some money, in our families and communities – and to help ‘save the planet’ in whatever small, local ways we can – whether it’s growing our own veg, reusing/repairing/recycling stuff or cutting down on energy and waste”.

The job of recognising these efforts will be taken on by a panel of six judges, who reflect the full range of life in the community, including the East Devon National Landscape’s Chris Woodruff – the other members of the panel are Denise Bickley, Sylvia Brownlee, Eleanor Carr, Brian Golding and Chris Lockyear. Meet the judges

Each of the judges would be very interested to hear if you have any projects or activities planned or underway.

Whether it’s saving energy or saving food from getting wasted, growing-your-own or doing-it-yourself – these are all positive, practical ways to help us sustain ourselves and the planet.

To enter your own initiative or nominate a project or activity that is already underway or planned by an individual or an organisation, go to